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Exhibits for September 2001

Open Gallery

A Cemetery Rose Winter Sunshine Conversation Anthurium Fat Drop in Strange Terrain
Camouflaging from Paparazzi Sunny Flower Near Lake Tammian
Bison at Yellowstone Curious Duck A Rock's Point of Veiw Puffins Whitetail Doe In Grasses
Swallowtail Tree Frog Ducks at Pond
Old Snag Frank Street Mailboxes Grassy International Ute  Perched Birch on the Canal
Goalkeeper Little Cowpokes Indiana Tractor
Corner Three, Mosport Trespassing Andy & Jeff/Charlottesville/June Contemplation Summer Storm
Alameda Little Falls IR
ALT_TAG_HERE Stairwell Details Our Lady Of Three Graces
Tree, Moel Tryfan, Snowdonia, 2001 LAX Encounter Power lines
From the Other Side On the Road Again Riga, After a Thunderstorm Just Sky Parliament from the Eye
The Old York Station Old Water Tower Train Station, Hammon, LA
Tyshaun: A Memorial Hotel Leger Strolling with the 77 The Roof Bridge at Angelsea
The Bengal Lord and Master A Horse of course!
Wytheville, VA 2001 The Finnish Line Trudy Venezia, 2001 Kent Country
Strange Universe silhouette Gentle Touch
Bright Eyes Hmm..... Amy
Can I have some? Alto Bitton
Little Boy on Stairs

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