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The PUG (Pentax Users Gallery) is a monthly photographic gallery by members of the
Pentax Discuss Mailing List (PDML). This gallery for April 2012
celebrates the PUG's 15th anniversary.

Orangutan to the Rescue!
Locked Door
Hot Dog Heaven
Golden Gate
Back to Film
Gretel II
Dregs of Winter
My First PUG Submission
Yet Another Sunset
Wind Point Lighthouse
Cathedral Candles (revisited)
Awaiting Sunset
Mt La Gorce
Sunrise Over Nelsons Bay
White Tern
Italian Contrasts
Halloween Pennant
Summer Dance
Fresh Katelin
The Ghost Bridge
39 Steps to the Underground
At the Beach
Canyonlands Sunset
Michigan Avenue Transport
Winter Wonderland
Opera 1
Dianthus barbatus
Sparky meets Misty
The Portrait of the Happy Pentaxian
Grape Hyacinth
The Wall in the Forest
On the Cottonwood Canyon Trail
Summertime Dream
Morning Sunbeam
Ash Light
Parkdale Cowboy
Reorganized 1
Terror Bike
Covered Bridge
Don't Go Bananas
Three Hats
Bavarian Woods
Tree Trunks
Baby Elephant
Road in Pompeii Ruins

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