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1997 - 2017
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The PUG (Pentax Users Gallery) is a monthly photographic gallery by members of the
Pentax Discuss Mailing List (PDML).

High School Prom, 1978
A Pug for the PUG
Grandfather Mountain
Wetter Funnel
Old Friend
Stefan on Bicycle, Northmoor, 1999
Old Window
Craig's Hut
Aerial Combat
Autumnal Bodiam
Tel Aviv - Feb 2014
Sunset at Grandfather Mountain
The River
A Winter Afternoon
Mousehole Lights
Claudia - My First Photo
Adams Falls
Leading Lady
In the Crease
The Alley
My Girls
The Motorcycle
Mount Lagorce
Fog In Hawk Wood
Dozers at the Ready
This Little Piggy
Apache Trail Church
Covered Bridge
Memories of Tasmania
Black-shouldered Kite
Happy New Year
Le Disque Bleu
A Photo
The Gathering
Honey Bee on Clover
Tilbake på Taket
Nymph in Pink
On the Brown Line, Chicago, Il
Ellie Pano
Say 'Hello!'
Artistic Hands
Mother and Daughter (revisited)
Memphis Belle
Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico
Pedra Aguda
Still life
The Risk of an Unflattering Portrait
Meuse Valley After the Snow
Salt Shaker Caps
Sue in the Clubhouse
The Ferry to Argentia
Anna in the cabin, Fontana Dam, NC
Mistaya River
Pure Joy
The Perfect Bike Lane
20 Years? Are You Serious?
Teddy with Girl

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