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Submission Information

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Image Submission Guidelines:

In order to submit an entry for the Pentax Users Gallery send an email to pugallery@komkon.org  with the following :

1: A JPEG format file, maximum 75K in size. In order to manage displays files will be resized to fit - a maximum dimension of 600 pixels on the longest axis. Doing this yourself would be helpful. Images that exceed these dimensions will be re-sized or compressed.  For help processing your image, see Rob Studdert's Pentax Users Gallery Image Preparation page.

2: Naming your image: Please use only alpha/numeric characters for your filename. Do not use any special characters, as the server rejects most of them. Please limit filenames to less than 8 characters, excluding the extension. The file extension must be ".jpg" (without the quotations).
Please make your filename unique. The month of submission and "PUG" is not unique. Filenames will be arbitrarily renamed as needed, but we appreciate it when we don't have to.

3: Your full name, country and email address, plus the URL of your homepage if you have one.

4: Equipment and exposure information - body, lens, film, filters etc.

5: A title for the picture - saves us making one up!

6: Any text you want added - location information, details of the subject etc. For theme galleries, include a brief comment on how the image reflects the current theme. Liberal and creative interpretations of the theme are welcomed!

Here's a sample Email:


Here is my entry for the November PUG Gallery:

Name: Tyro Powers

Email: tyro@shots.com

Homepage: http://www.shots.com/~tyro

Country: USA

Image: horsehoc.jpg

Title: On The Ice

Equipment used: Pentax LX, A* 85mm f1.4, Tiffin Polarizer, Hand held

Media: Kodak Gold 800, Scanned from print on Astra 1220P flatbed

Comments: I was driving home when I saw these horses playing hockey by the
side of the road. What a great chance to get an image for the "Horse Sports" theme!

7. The gallery is refreshed on the first of each month. To allow time to set up the page, entries must be submitted by the specified deadline. The deadline for submissions is the 20th of the month prior to the gallery you wish your image to appear in. Late entries will not be posted!

8. Entries are limited to one photo per photographer per month.

9. Submissions must have been made using Asahi/ Pentax camera equipment. Third party equipment is welcome if it is Pentax compatible, and either the body or lens is Asahi/Pentax.

10. The PUG is archived. Any images submitted will be archived. By submitting the image, the submitter gives an explicit permission to _publish_ this image in the PUG. including the archive. No other usage of images is agreed upon, nor will be undertaken by the PUG.

Please click here for helpful hints regarding image preparation for the internet.

Important notes:  All images must be the property of the person submitting them.  The maintainers reserve the right to decline any submission.