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Exhibits for June 2001


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Getty Awning ATT00704
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bplan archwhal BanqHall
cartago cariba CapCanyn casements
Castle chase Chicago
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Finestre durcath1 eyesup0 Fisheye geometry
gelevator gangway garage
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Lighthse ktam museo
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ULseats richsta puye Salem bridge
porch sugarfac trianon
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bridge1 SaoPaulo

In July of 2001, Pentax will be discontinuing the LX camera body.
To commemorate the 20 year history of the ultimate 35mm Pentax camera, a PUG style gallery will be presented in August, 2001.
We invite submissions from Pentax LX users for this gallery.
Please see the LX Gallery submission page
for information regarding this gallery

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