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Exhibits for October 1998
The Synchronicity Project

The Synchronicity Project is an outgrowth of the PentaxUser's Gallery. Every other month the PUG has a "theme". Someone (whoever it was, please stand up and take credit) suggested (as a theme) that we should all take a picture at the same time. After much debate over what "at the same time" means, we settled on the vernal equinox as a good standard time for everyone to snap their picture. The vernal equinox happens at 5:37 Greenwich Mean (or is Meridian) Time on September 23, 1998. So, at 5:37 GMT on 9/23/98 Pentax users around the world are going to take a picture. There are no restrictions on subject or theme for the type of picture you take. (Thanks to Steve Leroux for the summary).

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