PUG: January 2012 - Minimalist About the PUG

The PUG (Pentax Users Gallery) is a monthly photographic gallery by members of the
Pentax Discuss Mailing List (PDML)

It was a House...
Logger or Artist?
Lines & Shadow
Green Door
Thirsty Work
Earth and Sky
At the Glass Museum
Been There, Now Gone
Leaf #1
Still life II
Prayer for Chicago Sports
Stainless Stack
Charlie and the Chocolate Sign
Cone in Cauldron
The Line of Swans
Watering Cans
Padua Pots
The Disease
Winter Sky

Open Gallery
Spread Your Wings!

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The copyrights of the images on this site are owned by the individual photographers. Other use of them without written permission is illegal.
Thanks to Komkon sponsored by <Frontier Vision Technologies Inc> for providing space for this gallery.

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